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Bibliotecas XL is a powerful tool designed for integral management and automatization of all kinds of libraries.

It can be used in educational centers, public libraries, town offices, associations, foundations, businesses, private libraries, etc. All of the options and resources you need to manage a small/medium-sized library are right here. There is even an optional module that allows for online catalog consultation.

Using the application is simple and intuitive, with a graphic interface and online help available. It was specially designed for a user with little computer experience. All of the functions are available from the same screen, so you won't get lost navigating through the program and trying to find a specific option. Bibliotecas XL comes with an OPAC search module, which allows you to search for library materials from other computers or even online.

The follow are its main features:

· Supports all versions of Windows, Linux, and Novell

· Management of books, borrowing, users, and auxiliary files

· Password-protected access

· Classification by materials, subject, keyword, etc

· Statistics, reports, lists, call numbers, files, etc

· Pleasant and intuitive work environment

· Incorporates an OPAC for user searches

· Ability to consult the catalog through the Internet.

· Multiple lists and reports, completely configurable, with the ability to preview them on screen before printing

· Access to services available from the portal

Once the application is installed, you can access the demo version using the following information: User: DEMO Password: DEMO

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